Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 2 of 52 Weeks to an organized home/life

Hey everyone! It is week 2 of our 52 week challenge!! We are really excited to do this with everyone. It will keep us motivated. This week we are working in the kitchen areas again!

Week 2

This time I want you to clean all of your drawers out.

*Take everything out wipe them clean. If you need liners do this as well to keep maintenance low on this space in the future! Now declutter these drawers and organize that junk drawer. I have lots of tips on inexpensive ways to organize.

Now when the drawers are done go to the cabinets

*We are going to organize and declutter these cabinets. Put all like things together, such as glass wear, plates, bowls, and let's make it nice e and neat. Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day * Remember we have a whole week to do our home work.*

This week just work on the plates and pots and pans and those drawers! We are well on our way to a stress free home life!! Use stuff you already have to organize those drawers, like tuna cans all washed up and even painted for paper clips, thumb tacks, etc. Or you can buy inserts at Wal-Mart very cheap to stick down in the drawer to keep this area neat and clean. It will feel so good to open a drawer and see you know where everything is!!! It is so easy to maintain once everything has a home!

The key to a successful and organized home is that ever thing you own has its own home! A place for all of the things we use and need. Every item will have its own home by the end of our challenge! Let us know if you need any ideas on these areas we have lots to share!!! We are going to own this challenge everyone! Please share pictures and how great it feels to have another task done!! We cannot wait to hear from everyone.

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  1. I saw you on Channel 7 this week. This is an awesome idea! My kids won't like it though. Tehehe