Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 17

Goooood morning!!! It is now week 17 of our 52 week challenge to an organized home and stress free life!!! I got a little behind but that"a ok I am not going to stress I am just going to pick up Where I left off. This week for those of you who have a half bath or third bathroom ... Lets tackle those rooms. Plus a little extra homework for us that don't have 3 bathrooms ....I want us all to go through and take pictures if all of our electronic items. Refrigerators, computers, camaras, DVD and blue ray players, everything of value. You can even take pictures of each room jewelry out buildings ... Everything and put all of your pictures in a CD and put this disc in a fire proof safe or lock box at the bank!!! This way we all have proof of what we had in case it is stollen or lost in a fire now I don't want just the item I want you to take pictures of the serial numbers and model numbers. This is very important!! Keeping up with this could reallllly help someday!!! I have some tips and treasures for u this week come see us and I will share with you!!! Good luck have a great week and I am going to give my basket away also.... Xxoo shelly

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