Saturday, September 10, 2011

The world is spinning!!

Ok so the world has been spinning, spinning..I'm sure it has for everyone else as well. We have been super busy & have had a TON of response since our segment aired on Saturday Daybreak. But we have still been finding deal & shopping too. We are going to do better keeping everyone up to date on some of the best deals, as much as we can. We are still human so please forgive us if we can't post 20 x's a day. I hope that we can keep encouraging you to seek out deals & use your coupons, to Save, Save, Save!!!!

                                                      Walgreens trips 2 transactions
Transaction #1
Huggies  Regular $9.99 on Sale $8.99 - $3.00 MFG =$5.99  & received $2 RR
Transaction #2
Vicks Dayquil & Nyquil Regular $7.99 each on Sale 2/$11.00 - $3.00 MFG =$8 & Received $2 RR
2 Melatonins Regular $9.99 on sale BOGO Free =$9.99

Total price on both transactions should have been $45.95 + tax I paid $24 saving was $21.95 not to bad for things we use all the time in our house ;)

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