Monday, December 31, 2012

Non-Sew Vest made from a scarf.

The steps & pictures listed below are to show you how to take a scarf you have & make a cute wearable vest with it without cutting or sewing anything!
Step 1: Take your scarf & lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2: Take your scarf & fold it in half like so.

Step 3: Tak the top edges of the folded side & the end side/open side & tie in a double knot.

This is what your double knot should look like.

Step 4: Take the open side & seperate them so you can see your arm holes to put on your vest.

This is what the back will look like (Keep in mind I didn't color cordinate my vest with my outfit)

And this is how it will hang in the frong :) now you have a vest & you can use it as a scarf too, just untie the knot & it will serve two purposes :) 

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