Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 1 of 52 Weeks to an organized home/life

Hello guys we are so excited to start this challenge with you. We can rock this challenge together!! Remember this is a small amount of time once a week spent to make our homes stress free and clutter free!!! This will lower your stress level one week at a time!!!! Let's get organized!!!!

xoxo Shelly

Week 1

The first thing people see is your entrance. Let's get that area clutter free.

*Wash your doors down & sanitize your door knobs and wipe all of your baseboards down. (touch up paint if needed).  Walking in to a clean space feels amazing!!!

Now let's move to the kitchen, where everyone gathers. 

*First task is to remove clutter from your cabinet tops.  Leave out the things you use almost every day, but put away items that are rarely used, or decide if you really need this item.  (You can always snap a photo and post it on your local on line yard sale). Remember we are not removing decorations UNLESS you have too much and it enter fears with your work space. 

Lastly is under your sink

*Remove all items and wash out bottom of your cabinet. Place a liner in at this point if you feel it is needed.  Now combine your empty bottles of cleaners  and remove items you do not use.  Use plastic bins to contain like items. They have shelf dividers that give you tall space also! You can get them at Walmart, dollar stores, container stores, etc. Make this area a pleasant thing to look at and utilize when you open your cabinet. 

That's it for this week guys!! We can do this. Remember now that these areas are beautiful you need to maintain this look!! That's the key, removing clutter, organizing and maintaining!! Good luck! We would love for everyone to post before & after pictures on our facebook page or email them to us at Don't worry, we will be posting our before & after pics! Lets get busy!!

-Shelly & Sondra

P.S. Everyone give Shelly a shout out on our Facebook or twitter, she's the brains behind the operations of organization! -Sondra

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