Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 3 of 52 Weeks to an organized home/life

Hello everyone. It is officially week 3 and this week we are still in the kitchen area. This week we are organizing the pantry and all cabinets that you keep your food in.

Week 3

First things first

* Throw out all of the expired stuff. Put like items together.  You can keep things together in bins or baskets or even shoe boxes.  If you want your space to all match, then wrap your shoe boxes or bins in your favorite paper or fabric to give them a custom look. Make name tags for each basket so that if anyone helps you put away your groceries they will not get confused on where items should be placed. 

*This week clean up where all of your spices are kept.  Throw out the old stuff and if this space isn't working well. They have little risers at Wal-Mart that can help you see all the spices you have. You can even get a lazy susan that can be placed in a cabinet so that you can see all of them without taking all of them out. Whatever works well for you and your space.

 Just organizing these areas saves us money because now we know exactly what we have and what we don't have.  This will keep us from buying things that we don’t need.

We hope you all feel as good as we do. This home work has really got me to see just how bad out of control my home life was. I am loving getting things in order and feeling so proud of the things that are done keep up the good work everyone. Remember send us before and after’s, last Monday we showed some of your hard work on Daybreak!! Baby steps will go a long way! Have a great week!!

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