Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 4 of 52 weeks to an organized home/life

Good morning everyone!  I am so excited to say this is our fourth week of our 52 week challenge. We hope that everyone has been able to keep up with your homework. If not remember do not worry about catching up just jump right in with us and start from this week

Week 4

 We will still be in the kitchen this week. Let's do our refrigerator and freezer this week

*Take everything out, decide what is out of date then toss that out. Get rid of anything that looks freezer burnt and maybe things that are several years old.

*Now let's arrange our refrigerator so that all things are neat and organized. If your shelves do not suit you and your needs let's change them up.

We are looking for a better way to store items in the refrigerator. We’ve been exploring some ideas of maybe using a few inexpensive baskets on the shelves. Sondra uses a lazy susan on her top shelf for drinks that are too big to fit in the door. Sondra also uses small handle baskets on her second shelf for yogurt & small items that don’t need to be in the crisper.

*As for the freezer Shelly & Sondra have never organized that space and it’s high time we do it. Let’s put like items together so that when you open the door you know exactly which shelf has your veggies, meats, etc.

We are really excited about this homework this week because let’s face it, we all hate to go to the freezer and look for anything to cook. This will make my meal planning easier and preparation so much simpler. We can't wait to get in there and make out this week’s menu just based off of what needs to be eaten.  Definitely a great way to save money this week! This will cut our cost down on buying groceries because we will be able to know what we already have and what we don't have.  Keep up the great work everyone! Please share with us all of your success stories. We love to hear from you!  Send photos if you like it will help to motivate us all! Looking forward to a great week with you all let the homework begin!

Shelly & Sondra

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