Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 6 of 52 weeks to an organized home/life

Week 6

HI GUYS. . . it is week 6 already and I am super pumped about this weeks challenge and I hope you are ready!! 

This week we will be going to the master bedroom and cleaning out those dresser and night stand drawers.  I did my home work already and I am super proud of the results.  I went to Lowe's and purchased the drawer dividers which gave me the greatest results!!!

Everything has a home now. . . and I know exactly where it all is.  I will take pictures and post for them for you . . . you will see what a huge difference it makes!!! So, head in to those drawers and listen you do not have to use store bought dividers . . . you can cut card board and do the same thing!! No need to spend money on this project lets get frugal and make our own. 

There is a certain way things need to be folded to allow for this perfect packaged look in your drawers. . . I will post a video on how to do that for you guys!!! Now to add to this home work assignment let's create a home recycle center.  I will try this part of our home work to. . . .lets do this!!!  Can't wait to hear from you guys!! xxoo shelly

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