Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 7 of our 52 week challenge to a organized stress free life!

Hello everyone. . . .It is officially week 7 of our 52 weeks to living an organized and stress free life. . . . .I am really loving the way my home is feeling since this started this year. . . hope you all feel great about it to!!

This week we are doing some preparing and some de-cluttering.
First thing I want you to do is to gather up all of your pool stuff. . . . towels, sunscreen, extra sunglasses, a water box, any thing you can think of that will make your lake time or pool time or any water time great!!  By making a ready to go swimming tote you will not have to dig around and scrounge around for things, everything will be ready for you.  I know it is a little early but the whole idea is to be on top of our game!  lol ;) I am going to get mine ready and hang it from a wood hanger in my closet or shove it under the bed. . . wait . . .no. . . not there I may never find it again!! true story . . .uuuugggg

Next, go through all of your towels, bathroom and kitchen and wash rags, we are going to go through them all and de-clutter the bad ones.  Let's do it. . . I hate to get rid of anything so of course lets recycle these.  They will make great cleaning rags and shop rags.  Now, in order to get rid of this kind of stuff . . . you will have to allow your self to purchase new ones.  Of course do not try to go out and buy all of them at one time, go slow. . .baby steps. . .maybe a towel or two every payday.  Before you know it you will have all nice new guest ready towels.  I personally have at least 8 that are horrible . . .I am going to remove them from the bathrooms. . . I CAN DO IT!!

I am excited about these chores. . .now to add to the saving money ideas. . . .how about a 52 week money challenge . . .Sondra found a good one. . .we are going to post it this week. . .honestly I am pumped!!!!!  Have a great week please let us know how you are doing!! xxoo shelly

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