Friday, August 2, 2013

Tax Free Weekend 2013 & Back to School Basics

Tips for a great Tax Free Weekend from the QUEEN’S!!


Most important knowledge is to know that only clothing items priced under $100 are tax-free this weekend, and accessories priced under $50.  Sporting equipment like cleats is exempt from the tax free weekend sales.  Check out the Arkansas Tax Free Exemption Laws before you venture out this weekend.


Remember in Conway you are saving about 6%…In Little Rock you are saving 6.5%. 


Its so easy to spend a lot on your Childs back to school clothes because after all we want our kids to look their best. . . .We don’t want you to spend top dollar on every outfit we want you all to shop smart!!  Here are some of the rules Sondra and I have followed  . . . .


Rule number 1: Never buy an item unless you absolutely need it this weekend. This is important because we want you to remember that there will be some great Sales around Labor Day, which means that gives you a couple of more weeks to save and buy more of the things your child needs.


Rule number 2:  Some great ways to save on clothes is to buy from consignment shops, On line Yard sales, getting items from a family members child who has grown out of them, and of course EBAY..      EBay is important because you can target exactly the item you need and compare the price to the consignment shops or at the department stores and more than likely you will score a great deal. 


Rule number 3:   lets move on to the department store deals.  We don’t want you to pay too much for an item that you need, so your best bet is to type in to Google each store’s sales ads you plan to shop at . . . Check out their ads so that if one store has it cheaper then you know to buy it at that store where the better deal is.  Yes; this will take you about 30 minutes to review but it is soooo worth your time!!!


Rule number 4:  Even better go to group on and write down all of the coupon codes for every store you are planning on attending, trust me this is so worthy of your time.  You will get a certain dollar amount or percentage off plus what the store is advertising.  Which makes for a great deal!!  This is a stackable savings!!!


Rule Number 5:     Know your stuff. . . Lol . . .  Take advantage of specialized shopping programs. . . Let me give you an example. . . . .Sears Kidadvantage Program…….

For every $100 you spend on clothing and shoes you will receive a 15% off coupon for your next purchase. . . .The best part is if your child wears out an item before they grow out of it they will replace the very same sized item for FREEEE!!


Now we have taught you the Rules that the Queen’s live by. . . .let me give you a few insights to some of our local  popular stores. . .



For every $20 you spend this weekend you will receive $10 super cash to use during August 25 throught the 29th.  This is a reallll steal!!!  Because by this time they will Have out the new looks and great sales. . . it’s a beautiful WIN WIN deal.  Also, they will be selling their jeans for $10. . . . .yes you heard it here first . . . .$10 jeans. . . Wow



Every $25 you spend you save ten dollars right then!! That is a great savings!!!



They of course will have the famous BOGO going on. . . .but they have a coupon you can print from the internet for an additional $5 off!!!  I so love the additional savings!



When you shop here you will receive 20% off of your total purchase. . .which is really a 26% savings. . . . They have a coupon online . . . .here is the code





$10 off of every $50 you spend

$20 off of a $100

And $30 off of $150



You will receive 20% off of purchases and or  $20 off of every $100!!


2013 sales

Here's the link to the website to shows the stipulations regarding purchases.
Back to School Basics to get you started!
Boys Need
7 Pairs of Pants
7 T-shirts
2 Collared Shirts
10 Pairs of Socks
10 Pairs of Underwear
1 pair of GOOD tennis shoes
1 pair of dress shoes
Girls Need
4 Pairs of Pants
2 Skirts
1-2 dresses
1 jacket to alternate with dresses, skirts, and blouses
5 T-Shirts
2 Button up blouses or tops
3 Feminine Fitted Shirts
7 pairs of socks
1 Pair of Tennis Shoes
1 Pair of Boots
2-3 pairs of sandals





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