Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun Christmas Ideas

Salt Dough Ornaments
You Will Need:

1 cup regular table salt
2 cups white flour
1 cup luke warm water.
Combine all ingredients in a bowl, form a dough and then turn out to knead. Work with it for about 5 mins, the longer you do it the smoother it will get.
Roll out to desired thickness. Cut into whatever shapes you want & make your impressions in the dough while before you bake it. Be sure to roll them out on to parchment paper or a baking sheet, something that you can move them around on.
I baked mine on a low temp for about half an hour to get the drying process started. I then moved them on to a cooling rack. Baking them will curl the edges when thin and my or may not change the colour of the dough. When they are done cooling, paint & have fun!
Elf Skirts
You Will Need:

1. Cut your tulle in small strips to the desired length you want, fold in half.
2. Take folded section & place the loop end at the top of the ribbon.

3. Take bottom half of tulle & pull through the loop.

4. Tighten tulle around ribbon.

Continue with about 8 sections to make a small tutu skirt for your special elf.

I left mine out on the counter for Jolly & she put it on & hasn't taken it off since! She loves it! In a house full of boys it's nice to make some stuff for a sweet girl :)

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