Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 8 of 52 weeks to an organized home/life

Good morning everyone! Hope your weekend was great! This is officially our week 8 of our 52 week challenge to and organized and stress free life!! It Has helped me so much!!! This week we are cleaning out from underneath our bed ... Master bed room. Only pull one thing out at a time though... If you love it find its permeant home, if its trash - toss it ... Or give it to someone you know that mi...ght need it! But take your time do not kill yourself on this project .... I also want you to plan ahead .... Create a home meal plan for this week... For the month ......and only by the things you need for that weeks menu! Healthy meal planning can really help your waist line to! So I am going to send a picture of the planner I use ..... It can realllly make your life easier and simplified because you will already know what you are having every night ..... So much easier! Can not wait to see what treasures I find under my bed .... I am almost scared! Lol
Let us know how you are doing!! xxoo shelly

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