Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 9 of 52 weeks to an organized home/life

hello sweet fans. . .it is offically week 9 , , ,and it is a simp,le homework project this weeek . . . .i want to keep you going by having not Hard weeks . . . lol so hopefully this week will be easy!!

This week i want you all to create a new address book . . .even if you just write it on note book paper and have it in your desk bill area just make sure that you make all of your contacts availa...ble. I have had the misunfortune of having lost all of my contacts in the last 2 months . . .not once but TWICE~!~~~ uuuggghhh make all of your phone contacts and christmas card list ready to look at . . .at any time!!! You do not have to have this in a fancy book . . .save your money and write it out simply on notebook paper. . .typing paper . . . .! however it is easy and cheap!! lol i want you to organize alllll of your contact information. . . .this is an easy homework assignment . . .lets get it done guys!!!! :))) love and hugs shelly

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