Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 10 of 52 weeks to an organized home/life

It's week 10 of our 52 week challenge so so so sorry it's late .... What a weekend ... Anyways this week I want you all to make a true designated home Office / mail center / and tax folder. We all need a serious place to keep up with our bills so we can sit down and pay bills, organize bank statements, and a tax folder for all of your tax right offs. Having a designated area will keep us going... to same place to pay our bills, do our bills, and find all of those important papers we all need. I have never had a space for just bills....... But I am creating one. I am going to take a small spot in my home and make my area. I found a hanging wall bill organizer at Home Depot for $9 ... It looks just like the one from 31! I love it and I am going to hang mine behind my bedroom door.

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